Courtney Inc.'s long history roofing and waterproofing the Los Angeles Unified School District

Waterproofing, roofing, and restoration; the Los Angeles Unified School District has relied on Courtney Inc. for new and renewed construction and maintenance of their school district. Courtney's services have been utilized in more than 25 schools now and counting. From West Los Angeles, South LA to Central Los Angeles, the LAUSD has counted on Courtney to keep the schools, faculty, and students protected from moisture, heavy water damage and roof leaks.


  • Single-Ply RoofingLAUSD
  • Below-grade Waterproofing
  • Above-grade Waterpoofing
  • Expansion Joints

In addition to the Los Angeles Unified School District, Courntney Inc. provides roofing, waterproofing, and restoration services to other educational insititutions throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.