Concrete Restoration Contractors for California and Nevada

Enhance the Stability and Water Tightness of All Surfaces

Turn to Courtney for all of your concrete restoration needs.  The goal of Courtney's restoration services is to enhance the stability and water tightness of all surfaces while maintaining the aesthetic appearance and historic value of the target building.

Restoration Experts

To achieve this goal, Courtney utilizes restoration experts who have real-world knowledge in how to accomplish a successful restoration project. When you use Courtney for your project, these experts go to work for you, ensuring that the special needs of your project will be met.

Brick, Stone, Precast, Terra-Cotta, Concrete, and other Forms of Masonry

This wealth of experience is what enables Courtney to provide a complete range of restoration services for brick, stone, precast, terra-cotta, concrete, and other forms of masonry.

Courtney stands out amongst our competitors by providing top to bottom restoration and water intrusion services. No restoration project would be successful without proper preparation before the inception of the project and a thorough cleaning upon completion. Courtney has years of experience dealing with the removal of dirt, soot build-up, mineral deposits, old water repellents and stains, and even asbestos!

  • Concrete Sack / Patch
  • Concrete Repair Services
  • Carbon Fiber Systems
  • Spall Repair and Prevention
  • Selective Removal and Replacement