Waterproofing Contractors - California and Nevada


Encompassing the Newest Technology in Waterproofing

Courtney strives to provide our customers with the most comprehensive line of waterproofing systems possible that encompass the newest technology in waterproofing. Staying on the cutting edge of waterproofing technology is no easy task, but it enables us to provide the best possible solutions to you, our customer. With Courtney, you can be sure that you are receiving the most effective solution for your needs.

Certified & Experienced in Waterproofing

Courtney is certified to install various types of waterproofing systems such as bentonite sheet, bituminous composite sheet, and liquid-applied membranes. These systems are found in projects such as foundations, plaza decks, pools, and planter liners. Courtney also installs drainage and tile systems that protect the structure while diverting moisture away from the substrate.

Along with our waterproofing systems, Courtney also has years of experience applying transparent water repellents, which minimize the infiltration of water on exterior surfaces that still need to be able to "breathe". These types of applications are seen in situations where water infiltration and chloride ion interaction can quickly cause major damage in concrete and masonry substrates.

Below Grade
Split-slab / Podium
Pavers / Pedestals
Above Grade
Expansion Joints
Air Barrier
Epoxy Coatings
Crystalline Waterproofing

Flooring / Deck Coatings

Our comprehensive Waterproofing Services are performed throughout California and Nevada.  Licensed in both California and Nevada, Courntey Inc. services all counties and major cities throughout California and Nevada.

Southern California to Northern California, California's Central Valley and Central Coast, and Nevada.

To view some of our notable Waterproofing projects, click the link below to see projects in your area.

Waterproofing Contractor in Orange County
Includes waterproofing work performed in- but not limited to- Irvine, Newport Beach, Anaheim, Laguna Beach, Garden Grove, San Clemente, Dana Point, Orange, Tustin, Santa Ana and more.
Waterproofing Contractor in Los Angeles County

Includes waterproofing work performed in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale, Santa Monica, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Torrance, and more cities
Waterproofing Contractor in Northern California

Includes waterproofing work performed in San Francisco and the entire Bay Area, from San Jose to Oakland and the surrounding areas of East Bay.
Waterproofing Contractor in San Diego, Las Vegas, Riverside County, and San Bernardino

Includes waterproofing work performed in Carlsbad, San Diego, Oceanside, Lo Jolla, and eastward to Temecula and the Inland Empire to Las Vegas