Waterproofing with Flooring / Deck Coatings

Waterproofing with Flooring / Deck Coatings

Finest Quality Materials from the Best Manufacturers - Neogard, Pacific Polymers, Mer-Co, Life Deck, Sonneborn, and Gaco.

Courtney has a reputation in the flooring and deck coating industry that is unsurpassed by any of it’s competitors. Our superior field personnel and knowledgeable representatives are our biggest advantage in producing work that is second to none. With Courtney’s years of experience and technical proficiency, you can be sure that your project will be well taken care of. Courtney utilizes only the finest quality materials from notable manufacturers such as Neogard, Pacific Polymers, Mer-Co, Life Deck, Sonneborn, and Gaco among others to achieve a superior flooring and/or deck coating project. Due to Courtney’s certification as licensed applicators of these products, some of the manufacturers will provide a joint and several warranty, guaranteeing that labor and materials will be covered for five years, or five years with a five year extension.

Waterproof Coatings and Flooring

In addition to below-grade waterproofing systems, Courtney also offers a wide range of flooring and coating waterproofing for exposed surfaces. These solutions may take the form of elastomeric or cementitious coatings, sealers, or water repellents.

Parking Structure Coatings

A specialty of Courtney is the rehabilitation and installation of parking garage/structure coatings. Parking garages/ structures and decks require specialized knowledge, especially in situations such as rooftop parking. These types of projects require the neutralization or removal of the existing system and the selection of a new system to meet the demands (traffic wear, oils, and rubber residue), you need a quality contractor to advise you as to the most effective solution. A major issue in parking garages/structures is water migration. As water migrates through the concrete, chloride ions, sulfates, nitrates, carbon dioxide, and petroleum become dissolved within it, creating a mixture that leaks onto parked garages, causing damage to vehicles parked underneath. With all this damage to the vehicles, imagine what it is doing to the concrete and reinforcement steel it is migrating through. A new coating will prevent water migration, protecting the concrete and reinforcement steel and preventing damage to vehicles being kept in the parking garage/ structure, negating any legal issues regarding repainting and repairing vehicles. With all this, these types of projects are best entrusted to a company such as Courtney who has a reputation in the industry for being an authority on the subject.

Industrial Floor Finishing

Another Courtney service offering is industrial floor finishing. Whatever is required, whether it be epoxy finishes, urethane finishes, acid-proof coatings (common in containment tanks), chemical resistant coatings (wet decks, trenches, and pits) or dust-proof sealers, Courtney can furnish the labor and materials to perform the work. Our service is complete in that we also clean, shot blast, scarify, or sandblast industrial floors as part of the total installation or as a service by itself.

Traffic Topping Coatings

Courtney is a licensed applicator of the NEOGARD line of coating systems, along with other well- known traffic topping manufacturers. These traffic toping systems are high-build, liquid applied, seamless polyurethane or epoxy coatings with integral sand texturing. These systems are typically applied to the horizontal surfaces of parking decks, mechanical rooms, plazas, balconies, and other supported decks that receive foot or wheeled traffic.

Mechanical and Rooftop Equipment Coatings

Protecting valuable mechanical and rooftop equipment is often overlooked, but Courtney has seen a need for protecting, and in some cases enhancing, cooling towers, chillers, A/C units, pumps, and pump stands and mechanical piping. The environments of these various types of equipments usually expose them to the elements, causing corrosion, deterioration, and fading. To protect your equipment investment, Courtney can apply an epoxy or urethane coating system that may be color matched to the existing surroundings or color-coded.